Thanks to PISR management for the acknowledgement . I Can, I Will. The slogan kept me motivated. Teachers at PISR and class fellows remained supportive through out. I dedicate my Tamgha-e-Imtiaz to PISR

Engr. Asad Mehmood
( Tamgha-i-Imtiaz )

Pakistani Journalist

Dr Shahid Masood

Pakistani Cricketer

Mr. Saeed Anwar

I did my Alma mater was Pakistan international school…I have no words to express my gratitude towards my mother institution …what ever i am today is because of the efforts put in disciplining me by my teachers and the institution itself.

Dr Madiha Virk

Great people make great institutions.PISR has unequivocally made its mark in the KSA.PISR has also seen its fair share of systole and diastole but has always come out on top, Alhamdulillah. All the more power to PISR!

Dr Zain ul Abidin

PISR has influenced my life and career in the most commendable way.  The affection, teaching style and guidance of teachers always led me to more successes in my endeavors.May the school continue serving our nation incessantly.

Dr Shahida Masood

I graduated from PISR in 2008. I completed my Bachelors in Computing Security from the very renowned university of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Now I am running a very successful event Planning business in Lahore, Pakistan.

Mrs.Sarah Shahzaib

Presently serving as medical resident in Rifaya AL GMSH hospital. KSA.Proud of my parent institution.. Which served as a ladder of success for me.. Thanks to all the teachers who supported throughout my student life.

Dr. Atif Tariq

PISR made me strong willed, fervent and witty while permanently inscribing my heart. And no matter where we go in our lives, PISR will forever remain a part of our souls. My prayer to the Almighty is for Him to further elevate PISR’s ranks in the hallways of success.  In Sha Allah!

Engr.Abdul Matin

I did MBA from Cardiff metropolitan university. I am currently working As senior student’s account manager at Global University Systems. My school has played a significant part in making what I am today & I will always be grateful for the amazing teachers I had in PISR

Mrs.Nooriya Zaheer

PISR. an institution which laid a concrete foundation on which I have grown and continue to grow till today. I owe everything I am today to my alma mater and to my amazing teachers.Director for RMNCH at Primary & Secondary Healthcare Dept, Govt of the Punjab

Dr. Naeem Majeed

The 12-year period until 1998 that I spent there as a student has played the most formative and benign role in my life. May God bless the institution and all its staff. We need more of them for our future generations.

Dr. Abeer Javed

Thank you PISR-for making our dreams into reality. I miss my school time .Proud to be an alumnus of the best alma mater.



Chemical pathologist

Dr. Numan Majeed