Educational Facilities

The School caters for boys and girls of the Pakistani community in Riyadh from Play Group to Class XII.  It maintains a high standard of education and provides a variety of curricular and co-curricular activities for the development of a wholesome and balanced personality of the students. The School is producing excellent results in School and Board Examinations.


Character building and religious education is supplemented in the morning assembly.  Different functions are organized on the occasions of national and religious significance. Students are encouraged to prepare nice charts and slogans containing moral and Islamic teachings.  The recitation of the Holy Quran (Tajweed-Nazira) and functional Arabic language are taught.


This facility has been introduced in the school to help and facilitate an easy access to stationery items at reasonable prices.


The school is affiliated with the Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Islamabad at Secondary as well as Higher Secondary Levels.

TEXT BOOKS               

Text books and practical note books are provided on payment to the students


Properly maintained dispensaries / medical aid rooms have been set up under the supervision of the experienced medical staff.  Qualified male and female nurses have been employed on permanent basis to provide medical assistance to the students in the school premises during school hours.


School employs saudi security guards on contractual basis to ensure safety of the students as well as school premises during school as well as pack-up time.


Properly qualified staff has also been engaged to impart physical training both in boys and girls wings.  Games/Sports make up an essential part of the school time table.


Each wing of the school has a canteen.  Students can buy refreshments and other edibles from there.  The standard of cleanliness, the quality of food stuff and the prices of items are kept under strict watch by the administration.


A large fleet of air-conditioned buses provide pick and drop services to the students from all around Riyadh and Al-Kharj city.


The Junior Boys Wing remained from students Nursery, KG and Class I to IV.


Activity room is introduced for class Play Group to IV. Students are engaged in different learning activities using various kinds of gadgets and multimedia system.

Libraries and reading rooms have been provided in the Boys as well as the Girls Wings separately.  The libraries contain reasonable number of books on various Subjects.  Local & Pakistani Newspapers as well as magazines in English and Urdu are also provided to keep the students well-informed about local, national & international affairs. Reference sections are also available in these Libraries.  Maps, charts, over-head projectors and other educational aids are provided to make classroom instruction(s) more effective.


The School is equipped with five fully functional Computer Laboratories; each equipped with latest technology including smart board, high tech computers, projectors and an internet connection on every computer.  

Chemistry, Physics & Biology Laboratories

Well equipped and maintained Chemistry, Physics and Biology Laboratories have been established in SBW-I and SGW-I for academic activities.  These laboratories are updated with apparatus, chemicals and tools necessary for conducting science practicals.

Multimedia systems, smart boards and internet connection have also been provided to assist in delivering lectures using modern techniques.

Co-curricular activities play a vital role in the development of a child’s personality.  A great deal of emphasis is laid on such activities in the school.  All students have been distributed into different Houses to ensure healthy competitions in various activities.  The students are encouraged to participate in the following activities.

  1. Debates (English & Urdu)
  2. Quiz Programmes
  3.  Qira’at Competition
  4.  Boys Scouting / Girls Guide
  5.  Proctorial Systems
  6.  Food Festivals
  7.  Sports
  8.  Fun & Frolics
  9.  Spring Day Celebration
  10.  Writing Competition
  11.  Class Arrangements Competition
  12.  Chart Competition
  13.  Art Competition
  14.  Spell Bee Competition
  15.  School Magazine
  16.  Monthly News Letters
  17.  Iqbaliat
  18.  Science Exhibition
  19.  Cleanliness day
  20.  Fire Drills
  21.  Field / Excursion Trips