The academic year of the School commences from April and is divided into two working terms as shown below:

–       First Semester                

–       Second Semester

First Term Examination is held in Oct. /Nov. and the Annual Promotion examination is conducted in March. Four to five monthly tests are also held during each academic year.

  1. Proper school uniform to be used.
  2. Respect the rights of others and avoid disturbing or interrupting the class.
  3. Respect and cooperate with teachers, staff and other students.
  4. Complete the assigned school work on time.
  5. Work quietly during class and follow all the instructions of the teacher.
  6. Obtain the permission of the teacher before asking questions, moving, or addressing the class.
  7. Have all materials/stationery ready (Borrowing is not allowed).
  8. Remain in class until dismissed by the teacher.
  9. Keep the classroom and school premises clean and tidy at all times.
  10. Avoid rough games in the playground.
  11. Walk quietly and orderly in the corridors when moving around the school.
  12. Sit quietly in the assigned seat of the bus. Be alert to the instructions of the driver.
  13. Respect school property and the property of others.
  1. The School reserves all the authority to fine, punish or ask a student to leave the School if at any time it is felt that the student’s stay in school is not in the interest of other students or the Institution. Such a decision is taken on the recommendation of the Discipline Committee, Wing Head and Vice Principal concerned. The decision of the Principal is final and cannot be challenged. The School gates are closed at 6.45 a.m. After that no student is allowed to enter the school.
  2. Students must strictly adhere to punctuality and late comers are liable to be punished. Those who remain continuously absent from the School without permission for one month or more, will be struck off the school roll. For absence without leave a fine of SR.2/- per day is imposed.
  3. Parents or visitors are not allowed to meet or contact any student without the prior permission of the Wing Head concerned during school hours.
  4. Students suffering from contagious/ infectious diseases will not be permitted to attend classes or to take exams.
  5. Parents are expected to see that their children turn up properly and do their homework regularly.
  6. If a student damages the school property willfully or mischievously, he/she will be required to pay the damages in addition to any punishment awarded by the Wing Head/Principal.
  7.  Students are not permitted to keep in their possession mobile phones, audio/video devices, video games, storage media, cameras/ gadgets, large amount of money or valuables or any other item, not required essentially in the classroom while in the school, otherwise things will be confiscated.
  8. The students coming late or not in proper  uniform/hair  cut  (Boys)  are  not Allowed to attend the classes.
  9. The tuition fee must be paid in advance regularly whether the student is attending classes or availing approved leave or absent.
  10. Offering the Dhohar Prayer is compulsory for all Muslim students in the school.
  11. All the students are expected to speak English in the school.
  12. No student can leave the school premises during school hours without written permission (Out Pass) of the Wing Head concerned.

For the sake of safety and security of the students, they are instructed to stay inside of the school. They are not allowed to wait for transport outside the boundaries of the school after the school timings, particularly the students of Girls and Junior Wings. The parents are also kindly requested to pick their children from the gates of the respective wings. The school is not responsible for mishap or incident that takes place outside the boundaries of the school.


Students are required to obtain written permission prior to leave. In case of UN-informed leave, the student upon joining is required to submit a written application mentioning the reason for leave. Otherwise, their absence will remain marked and attendance records remain affected. Students who do not report in class for more than one month are automatically struck off from school roll and their seat is no longer reserved. In case the student reports after being struck off, the student and their parents are referred to the Principal for permission.

All the parents/guardians are advised to keep up with their wards’ studies and attend the Parents Open Day to discuss their ward’s performance. Furthermore, the school is not liable for any loss of student’s performance due to parents’ lenient behavior.